Top 10 Exterior Window Treatments to Try

If you’ve ever tried to sell your home before, you probably know all about “curb appeal”. What makes your house catch the eye of a potential buyer has a lot more to do with the first impression than it does an impressive list of features. If the lawn is nicely landscaped, the porch is big and welcoming, and the house has a certain amount of character, you’re sure to get more offers. One of the main things that draws attention is the windows.

Even if you aren’t trying to sell your home, you may still wish to brighten up the outward appearance. After all, your home is your castle, the place that reflects you to the world. Trying out new window treatments can be a lot of fun, and can update the appearance of your home very quickly, for very little money overall. Here are our top 10 favorite exterior window treatments to try in your next home remodel project:

  1. Painted Wooden Shutters. You don’t have to stick with basic black rectangles. So long as the shutters balance the window and remain symmetrical along the house, why not try shutters with arches and curves, in bright colors? You can match them to your door, or create a complimentary color scheme by choosing colors across the color wheel from each other. A navy blue door might look cozy and autumnal with pumpkin shutters; a classic red door on a white house could look even more modern and bright with lime green shutters.
  2. Window Box Planters. This is an easy way to add color and usefulness to your home’s exterior, and it can be much less expensive than other treatments if you’re handy with tools. Brightly colored window boxes look cheery, while neutrals add a sophisticated cottage feel to your home. Plus, you get the added benefit of a new garden space, where you can grow herbs or vegetables, or add more color to your home with flowering plants.
  3. Sliding Shutters. Often made of reclaimed barn wood, these are a popular modern method of creating a versatile window treatment. A large piece of wood, or any other material you please, is suspended on a sliding track that extends past the window. You can simply slide the shutter to one side to allow the light in, or close it for privacy.
  4. Awnings. An awning can come in many different materials. Slats of wood, fabric held taught by decorative metal bars, or even slanted solar panels can make great awnings. The advantage of an awning is that you get the great view outside your window without the heat and glare of the sunlight.
  5. Window Grills. A window grill is a decorative metal cage that is affixed to the outside of your window. It can be set in place so that it doesn’t move, or put on hinges so that it opens like shutters. These are often seen in Mediterranean settings, and are frequently very beautifully detailed wrought iron. They add an extra measure of security to your glass windows if you live in an area of heavy winds or hurricanes.
  6. Climbing Plants. If you like the look of a storybook cottage for your home, climbing plants like ivy or roses might be a great way to dress up your exterior windows. These take careful pruning and care to be sure they don’t harm the exterior of your house, so it’s best that only a seasoned gardener tries this one.
  7. Frame. If your house is made of stucco, or another solid material like concrete, you could paint frames around your windows. This is a very fun look that adds some whimsy to a structure, but can also recall the style of Parisian alleyways and apartments in Barcelona.
  8. Roller Blinds. Roller blinds are the perfect choice for someone who lives in a warm climate and wants to save money on their utilities. These blinds roll up to be hidden away in slim metal pockets when not needed. When activated, they unroll to form a solid UV-protective barrier over your windows.
  9. Solar Shades. Solar shades come in many different forms, but are most popular as roller blinds like we discussed above, and as shutters and awnings. These shades have solar panels attached that soak up the sun’s energy, and stores it in batteries that you can then use to power your house.
  10. Balconies. Hey, if you’ve got the room, why not use it? Upper level windows can be beautifully decorated by small balconies where you can take in the sunrise with your morning coffee, or overlook the view at night after a long day.